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Spot on Denmark

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Marketing music to promote a particular nation? All you have to do is produce some glitzy material, hire   trendy nightclub in the capital city of the country you want to make it in, and then just spoil a mob of party-animal industry types with live music hors d’oeuvres and lots of free drinks. Right?!


Erase and rewind. If they even remember anything the next day when the hangover kicks in it’ll probably be a blurred mixture of coloured cocktails and a band that was called, err, ‘something or other’. No, a completely different strategy is called for, according to Music Export Denmark (MXD). The organisation has staged successful “Spot on Denmark” events in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany  and France in recent years in collaboration with ROSA — the Danish Rock Council — and DUP (Danish Independent Records Labels).

Instead of trying to force feed industry people with Danish music, MXD tries to engage record company people, managers, venue staff and journalists in choosing what music they’d like to get to know better.

“What’s unique about Spot on Denmark is that we build on a ‘pull’ strategy. It’s the local industry people who decide what we promote in their regions. For example, we invite them to the Danish SPOT festival in Aarhus, where they help decide which bands should take part in Spot on Denmark events in their countries. It stops MXD acting like some kind of omniscient arbiter of taste. Greater involvement helps push the music,” says Thomas Rohde, the head of MXD .

The strategy pays good dividends. Following a promotion in Brussels in 2007, melancholy dreamrockers Murder played several gigs around Belgium, and ended up selling more records there than at home.


The 2008 promotion in the three Benelux countries also generated a great deal of media coverage for the groups Slaraffenland, Tone and Said the Shark, who have since had contracts waved under their noses for record deals and/or live gigs. “SPOT on Denmark is a good method of building Danish music as a brand. It’s all about drawing the links between the big hits – like Trentemøller and Alphabeat – and Danish music as a whole. It helps up-and-coming Danish bands on their way. In the autumn, when SPOT on Denmark came to Utrecht in the Netherlands, a lot of people told us the hype about Danish music right now is on a par with the buzz that surrounds Icelandic music. Names like Saybia, Mew and Under Byen are well-known among music fans in the Netherlands. The whole of the Danish scene is skyrocketing because the music is associated with quality, excitement and innovation,” says Thomas Rohde, who plans to roll out the SPOT on Denmark concept in several other countries.

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Text: Anders Houmøller Thomsen

Danish Presence at MIDEM 2009

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The following people will be present at this year’s MIDEM festival in Cannes.

  1. Ambia Music ApS – Henning Schädler
  2. BandBase – Mads Just-Olesen
  3. BandBase – Doug Griffiths
  4. Big Star Records – Oliver Zähringer
  5. Black Pelican – Jakob Deichmann
  6. BM Music ApS – Bo Møller
  7. Bonnier Amigo Music – Cai Leitner
  8. Bonnier Amigo Music – Thomas Degn
  9. BRO Recordings – Christian Brorsen
  10. Cope Records/Calibrated Music – Peter W Kehl  
  11. Cowbell Music – Jacob Kabel
  12. Dacapo Records – Henrik Rørdam
  13. Dacapo Records – Kristian Lønsted
  14. Danacord – Jesper Buhl
  15. Danacord – Kim Jensen
  16. Danish Dance Music Export – Oliver Zähringer
  17. Danish Musicians’ Union – Mikael Højris
  18. Davs Musik – Kurt Andreasen
  19. Dicentia A/S – Michael Schäbethal Jensen
  20. Dicentia A/S – Michael Persson
  21. disco:wax – Morten Vilhem
  22. DJBFA – Pia Raug
  23. DJBFA – Jens Lysdal
  24. DUP – Nicolaj Hyltén-Cavallius
  25. Edition Wilhelm Hansen – Louise-Marie Törnqvist
  26. Edition Wilhelm Hansen – Claus Kilpatrick  
  27. EMI Music Publishing Denmark – Ole Dreyer Wogensen
  28. Dansk Artist Forbund – Neel Lykkegaard Andersen
  29. Dansk Artist Forbund – Thomas Søemod
  30. Fjellund – Simion Fjeldsted
  31. Fjellund – Christian Lund
  32. Gateway Music – Mette Ellebye-Larsen
  33. Good Songs Publishing – Magnus Österwall
  34. Gramex – Peter Zeuthen
  35. Hithouse-Production A/S – Stefan Fryland
  36. Hithouse-Production A/S – Hans Erik Nielsen
  37. House of Scandinavia ApS – Ejvin Schytte
  38. Iceberg Records A/S & Iceberg Publishing A/S – Manfred Zähringer
  39. Iceberg Records A/S & Iceberg Publishing A/S – Mette Wiene Zähringer
  40. IFPI Denmark – Jesper Bay  
  41. Jazz Danmark – Jacob Haagendal Nielsen
  42. Jazz Danmark – Kåre Emtoft
  43. Johan Schlüter Advokatfirma – Maria Fredenslund
  44. Kick Music – Michael Quvang
  45. KODA – Trine Nielsen
  46. KODA – Martin Gormsen
  47. KODA – Jakob Hüttel
  48. Kuanhsi Consulting – Niels Boe Sørensen
  49. Lifted House – Meedom
  50. Lifted House – Rosén
  51. Mis.Label ApS – Lars Verhof
  52. MXD – Thomas Rohde
  53. MXD – Søren Krogh Thompson
  54. MXD – Christian Hald Buhl
  55. MXD – Lars Skovgaard
  56. NCB – Martin Westermann
  57. NCB – Karsten Dyhrberg Nielsen
  58. NCB – Lars Hey
  59. NCB – Henning Jacobsen
  60. Nordicx A/S – Bjarne Albrektsen
  61. Nordicx A/S – Peter Skak
  62. OH Musik ApS – Ole Hoeglund
  63. OUR Recordings – Lars Hannibal
  64. PH Distribution – Poul Erik Skindballe
  65. PromoXon – Bo Johansen
  66. Replicateur A/S – Christian Boie Claussen
  67. RMC – Thomas Borre
  68. Roskilde Festival – Rikke Øxner
  69. ROSA – Gunnar K. Madsen
  70. Scanbox Entertainment Denmark A/S – Thomas Dyring
  71. Scanbox Entertainment Denmark A/S – Frank Lykke
  72. Slow Shark Records – Jon Madsen
  73. SonicMusic – James Thomas
  74. SonicMusic – Anne Horlyck
  75. Storyville Records – Mona Granager
  76. Storyville Records – Anders Stefansen
  77. Sundance Music / Publishing – Peter Littauer
  78. Sunshine Music Publishing – Michael Hammerlund
  79. Syntonetic Media Solutions – Mikael Henderson
  80. Syntonetic Media Solutions – Peter Berg Steffensen
  81. TESO – Jean Louis Cornu
  82. TG Management ApS – John Aagaard
  83. TG Management ApS – Lotte Aagaard
  84. TUTL – Kristian Blak  
  85. Upright Music ApS – Jeppe Kaltoft
  86. Upright Music ApS – Diddan Degn Karstensen
  87. Voices Music & Entertainment Denmark – Tom Jensen
  88. Voices Music & Entertainment Denmark – Allan Skov
  89. Warner/Chappell – Lars Sjelle
  90. Your Favourite Records – Lars Winther

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