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Boom Boom Magazine 2009 Content Map

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The blog version of Boom Boom Magazine has now been online for a couple of months. To sum up all the blog posts, artists and genres, we’ve made a content map —

Boom Boom Magazine Content Map

Boom Boom Magazine Content Map

In tag format —

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Read more about social media (In Danish).


Boom Boom Music Magazine Sampler 2009

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ALPHABEAT Fascination
The Brits have already demonstrated their unconditional love for the pop sextet Alphabeat – several of  their singles have been highly placed in the UK Top 40. This is pop with a big, bold capital P, and what we have seen so far is probably just the tip of the iceberg! Fascinated? It’s hard not to be!

02 IDA CORR Ride my Tempo (Radio edit)
Ida Corr rules dance floors from Bangkok to Bergen. Her sweaty, super-sexy new single is a delicious,  electro-groovy follow-up to the international hit “Let Me Think About It”, which reached number 2 on the British singles chart. Still wondering whether to check out her retro-soul-dance sound? Enough thinking already!?

Forget everything you thought you knew about Cher’s heartbroken drama “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot  Me Down)”. Elegant jazz chanteuse Caroline Henderson reinvents the old Sonny Bono classic with a  defined arrangement full of offbeat, stealthy rhythms and sophisticated phrasing that’s more supple than an elite Chinese gymnast. A clear example of just how the former pop singer has managed to seduce an international jazz audience.

04 MOI CAPRICE The Town and the City
Moi Caprice have been plugging away on the Danish rock scene since the mid-’90s, but their pop masterpiece “The Art of Kissing Properly” reached a much wider audience. The album contains so many sing-along moments that you will be in serious danger of losing your voice within a week of getting it. Universal simplicity, intelligent lyrics and perfect, luxurious, melancholy pop. Moi Caprice: Denmark’s next big export?

Lapping soundscapes, poetic melodies and rhythmic finesse are among 17-yearold Mike Sheridan’s  specialities – as showcased here on “Stilhed” (“Silence”), which features the delicate vocals of Frida Hilarius. Sheridan’s thoughtfully composed and largely instrumental debut album “I Syv Sind” (“In Two Minds”) is surely just the start of this promising young producer’s career….

05 Sinne Eeg Just You, Just Me
“Her dark vocals have such strength, intensity and calm that the firmament might as well reserve a place  for a new North Star,” wrote one Danish reviewer of Sinne Eeg. The jazz singer received a Danish Music Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year in 2008 and is slowly but surely on course to conquer the world. Enjoy this taster, and expect to see her on the bill at your local jazz club soon.

A sensitive and grandiose love song from this critically acclaimed one-man choir – also known as 25-year-old Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. “Next Summer” demonstrates his gift for monumental and heartfelt melancholy, as lauded by trendsetting American website local jazz club soon.

08 FIGURINES The Air We Breathe
“‘Catchy’ is without a doubt the right word to start with when talking about ‘Skeleton’,” said music website Pitchforkmedia of Figurines, who also had the honour of landing a magazine cover in the New  York Times. The indie band released “Skeleton”, their second album, in Japan, the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The reaction to the 2007 album “When the Deer Wore Blue” was also overwhelming.

09 DÚNÉ 80 Years
Emotions on the edge and an insistent melodic momentum; the sound of being pursued by a heavily hung-over Franz Ferdinand. Danish rockers Dúné have gone gold in their native country, and “80 Years” is just one of many gems on their debut album. See the cool video on YouTube, where one user has penned this piece of poetry: “Denmark = the best music in the world! The best music in the world = Roskilde Festival. Roskilde Festival = beer. Beer = Denmark!” Cheers mate!

10 SMALL Cosmic Girl
A big sound emerges when electro-pop trio Small let rip on “Cosmic Girl” – airy synth aesthetics mix with noisy guitars, sculpting a soundscape around a contagious semi-falsetto pop song in praise of the free world. The sky’s the limit; Small are already big!

11 AURA Song for Sophie
With Sony BMG Continental behind her, songstress Aura is on the verge of a potential European breakthrough. “Song for Sophie” is an excellent example of her spellbinding ability to combine folk and pop. Add to that a particularly strong visual image, and you get an obvious cover star for this edition of Boom Boom. You might want to turn back to the front page!

12 CALLMEKAT Flower in the Night
Curiosity dominates in CALLmeKAT’s quirky universe. “Flower in the night” is a clattering and groovy piece with a particularly catchy hook. At the centre are Katrine Ottosen’s distinctive vocals and her inventive use of several instruments, manipulated via a laptop. Her imagination seems to know no bounds!

13 JONG PANG Small Cut Sensations
Loose-jointed indie excesses from Anders Rhedin, who also occupies the producer chair for other Danish bands from time to time. “Small Cut Sensations”, from Jong Pang’s debut album “Bright White Light”, clearly demonstrates the band’s talent for seductive, subdued melodies and gripping guitar sounds.

The Efterklang collective are among the most subtle Danish musicians around. Their seductive,  convoluted arrangements create exceptional, entrancing atmospheres. “Caravan” is an excellent example of their work.



Mike Sheridan — Technoboy Wonder

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He [Mike Sheridan] may be just 17 years old, but he’s already a well-known figure and very much in demand on the Danish electronica scene.


Talented composer and producer Mike Sheridan may well end up following in the footsteps of colleague Trentemøller and achieve major electronic success – and not just within the confines of nightclubs. But he’s in no rush. He has a bright future ahead of him – not to mention his 18th birthday!


Inspirational Christmas present
Sheridan first started to appear in Copenhagen nightclubs at the age of 15 – not as a guest, but as a DJ, behind decks he could barely see over.  “I wasn’t even old enough to get into the clubs, so at first my parents had to come with me when I was playing,” explains Mike, who gets his English-sounding name from his Irish father. “They’ve been a great source of support, even when I decided to drop out of  chool.” Sheridan’s interest in music was sparked in 1999 at the age of 10, when his dad, an IT innovator, gave him the music-editing programme Acid for his Christmas. These days, Sheridan calls his computer his right hand.


In Danish — Læs mere om Mike Sheridan.

International ambitions
So far, Sheridan’s musical reportage is primarily known in Denmark, although on several  occasions – including in the company of Trentemøller – he has guest DJed at Berlin nightclubs, most recently during PopKomm 2008. “Of course, I’d like to get my music out into the world, and I am focusing right now on Germany and the UK,” says Sheridan, who is releasing his music on his own label, in collaboration with the Scandinavian distributors Playground Music.


Electronic boom: long live diversity!
Mike Sheridan and Trentemøller are just two examples of the qualitative boom in the Danish electronic scene. Among those making the biggest splash in 2008 are the duo Lulu Rouge, also known as DJ Buda and T.O.M. These two gents have long  been part of the Copenhagen club scene, as both DJs and  producers. Their CV includes single tracks and remixes for the likes of Telepopmusic, Kasper Bjørke, Tina Dickow, Filur, Djosos Krost, Morten Varano, Luke, Booty Cologne, Nephew, Laid Back, Veto and People  Press Play. Their debut album, “Bless You”, on the label Music for Dreams, has attracted enormous attention from  large parts of Europe.


]Denmark also has a strong tradition of compilations: Stella Polaris (Stella Polaris Music/Playground) has  spent more than a decade as a chillout-event-organiser and CD publisher; VUF Records releases free download compilations via; and the Luftkastellet albums (Music for Dreams) profiled  Danish artists on an  international stage. Most recently, the radio DJs Le Gammeltoft and Keld Tolstrup released the club compilation “The Sound of Copenhagen” on Copenhagen Records. To mark its second anniversary, Elektroniske Tirsdage (Electronic Tuesdays) will release a double compilation albums  designed to convey the breadth and the depth of the Danish scene.

Text: Thomas Borre
Photography: RAW Format


Danish showcase night at MIDEM — Ida Corr, Camille Jones, Kenneth Bager, Mike Sheridan playing at Midem in Cannes

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After previous campaigns for Danish rock music, focus is now put on the Danish dance and electronica scene. This comes to show when DDME – Danish Dance Music Export presents Ida Corr and Camille Jones live in concert with DJ sets by Kenneth Bager, Rune RK, The Montanas (aka Morjac and Michael Parsberg), and Mike Sheridan at MIDEM in Cannes.

Read more here — Danish showcase night at MIDEM

Text: Henrik Friis, MXD


Press Release — Boom Boom Magazine #03 — 2009

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The latest edition of the international magazine about Danish music and the Danish music scene has just hit the street – with feature articles on and sampler tracks by successful Danish artists such as Ida Corr, Aura and Alphabeat.

Aura Dione -- Fra forsiden af musikmagasinet Boom Boom, udgivet af DUP, IFPI og MXD

Boom Boom Magazine publishers DUP, Danish Independent Record Labels, MXD, Music Export Denmark, and IFPI Denmark are looking forward to present this year’s magazine at MIDEM09 in Cannes. Think of the magazine as an annual introduction to the Danish scene, directed at music enthusiasts all over the world.

Thus, a united Danish record industry is proud to present the cream of the crop of Danish artists with marked international success – Aura, Ida Corr, Mike Sheridan, Volbeat, Dúné, a Kid Hereafter & Alphabeat.

Free music and tapwater
Boom Boom Magazine also sheds light on one of the music industry’s greatest challenges, namely digital distribution possibilities and addresses the key question – should music be free? Free in the same way as tap water, which isn’t really free anyway. The general attitude in some teenage groups is that music is downloadable and for free. They’re confident that musicians earn heaps of money and if they don’t, they should consider other career options. Regardless if one agrees or disagrees with such statements, it’s the name of the game for record labels. On a positive note, IFPI Denmark has just published a survey showing that online music sales doubled in 2008.


In the magazine’s editorial, General Manager of Playground Music and IFPI Denmark board member, Søren Krogh Thompson, speculates whether we will see a new value estimation and prizing of music resembling the significant price differentiations we’ve seen in relation to drinking water during the last couple of years.

One thing remains certain, the future of music remains unwritten… And that’s part of the charm!

BOOM BOOM #03 is freely available at

For additional information and press material, please contact
Nicolaj Hyltén-Cavallius
Chairman, DUP / cell +45 222-77-921

Boom Boom Magazine #03, Press Release, English, PDF

Press Release Boom Boom Magazine #03 – DK version

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Et nyt nummer af det internationale magasin om dansk musik og den danske musikbranche er på gaden – denne gang med en forenet dansk pladebranche bag udgivelsen!

Aura Dione -- Fra forsiden af musikmagasinet Boom Boom, udgivet af DUP, IFPI og MXD

Tredje gang siges at være lykkens gang, og noget kunne tyde på det, når BOOM BOOM #3 på mandag bliver præsenteret på den danske stand under MIDEM09 i Cannes. Organisationen bag de to første udgivelser Danske Uafhængige Pladeselskaber (DUP) har nemlig denne gang delt både det redaktionelle og det økonomiske ansvar med ”storebroderen” IFPI Danmark og Music Export Denmark (MXD). BOOM BOOM #3 varsler således helt nye vinde med fælles fodslag og samarbejde mellem de tre musikorganisationer og er et helt håndgribeligt bevis på, at den danske pladebranche for alvor er begyndt at arbejde sammen omkring eksporten af dansk musik.

BOOM BOOM #3 præsenterer en række af de danske kunstnere med størst international succes og de tilknyttedes selskabers ambitioner om at operere på et langt større marked end det danske – Aura, Ida Corr, Mike Sheridan, Volbeat, Dúné, A Kid Hereafter og Alphabeat er blandt de kunstnere, der præsenteres som det bedste af det bedste fra Danmark. Derudover sætter magasinet fokus på en af branchens største udfordringer omkring de digitale muligheder og stiller blandt andet spørgsmålet ”skal musik være gratis?”

Værdisætning af musik og postevand

Den generelle holdning til musik er allerede i dag hos nogle teenagere, at musik naturligvis skal være gratis. De er sikre på, at musikerne i forvejen tjener styrtende med penge, og dem der ikke gør det, de burde finde sig et ’rigtigt’ job. Og uanset om man så er enige med dem eller ej, så er dette en del af den hverdag, pladeselskaberne befinder sig i.

I bladets leder sætter direktør Søren Krogh Thompson fra Playground Music fokus på, hvordan fremtidens brugere vil værdisætte musik, og hvad dette vil betyde for branchen. Søren, der også er formand for MXD, næstformand i DUP og bestyrelsesmedlem i IFPI, stiller spørgsmålet: ”How do we make sure that future generations (and the current crop of teenageres) understand the value of music?”. Bør musik være “gratis” på samme måde som postevand (som på ingen måde er gratis i virkeligheden), og vil vi se en ny værdi- og prissætning af musik, der minder om netop den vand har gennemgået over da sidste par år, hvor differentieringen mellem billig og dyr er enormt stor?

Tværgående samarbejde

Uvisheden om fremtiden for musikken betyder, at der er et stort behov for at arbejde på tværs af traditionelle brancher. På samme måde som DUP og IFPI stille og roligt arbejder tættere sammen, og at Music Export Denmark har fået en platform, der bringer den danske musikbranche tættere på eksportmarkederne, er tiden moden til, at alle i musikbranchen indser behovet for samarbejde – om fremtiden og de nye modeller, fra pladeselskabet til rettighedsorganisationer, interesseorganisationer, bookere, managers.

En ting står fast – vi står over for en fantastisk fremtid, og der er ingen af os der kender den endnu. Men musikken lever videre – med eller uden DUP, IFPI og MXD.

BOOM BOOM #3 kan læses online og downloades på

For yderligere information og billedmateriale kontakt venligst – Nicolaj Hyltén-Cavallius, formand, DUP / mobil 22 27 7921

Boom Boom Magazine #03, Press Release, Danish, PDF