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Danish Producers — Artistic Midwives

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The Danish underground is seething and bubbling with talent and resourcefulness. The creative boom is personified by the new generation of inventive PRODUCERS who fiddle about with, screw together, play with and respond to the music, endowing it with that final, crucial and dynamic impact. BOOM BOOM zooms in on some of the most prominent musical midwives on the Danish scene. We asked this diverse bunch, whose sole common denominator is their individuality, what they feel are the most important features of a producer as an artistic facilitator.



(Murder, I Am Bones, The Late Parade, Lise Westzynthius, Prins Nitram etc.) Thaae is a graduate of the Academy of Music and plays in – and produces for, naturally – the manic, hard-hitting rock band A Kid Hereafter. “A producer’s main task is to make every job a project special,” he says. “It’s about having a profile and setting an aesthetic agenda.” He thinks the fact that many of the producers are also musicians is to their advantage when working behind the mixing desk: “It provides a shared perspective.” Thaae is currently in dialogue with Jesper ‘Junior’ Mortensen (ex-Junior Senior), the DJ known as Turkman, and Jacob Bellens (Murder) about new partnerships.
Text: Thomas borre
Photography: Raw Format


Mike Sheridan — Technoboy Wonder

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He [Mike Sheridan] may be just 17 years old, but he’s already a well-known figure and very much in demand on the Danish electronica scene.


Talented composer and producer Mike Sheridan may well end up following in the footsteps of colleague Trentemøller and achieve major electronic success – and not just within the confines of nightclubs. But he’s in no rush. He has a bright future ahead of him – not to mention his 18th birthday!


Inspirational Christmas present
Sheridan first started to appear in Copenhagen nightclubs at the age of 15 – not as a guest, but as a DJ, behind decks he could barely see over.  “I wasn’t even old enough to get into the clubs, so at first my parents had to come with me when I was playing,” explains Mike, who gets his English-sounding name from his Irish father. “They’ve been a great source of support, even when I decided to drop out of  chool.” Sheridan’s interest in music was sparked in 1999 at the age of 10, when his dad, an IT innovator, gave him the music-editing programme Acid for his Christmas. These days, Sheridan calls his computer his right hand.


In Danish — Læs mere om Mike Sheridan.

International ambitions
So far, Sheridan’s musical reportage is primarily known in Denmark, although on several  occasions – including in the company of Trentemøller – he has guest DJed at Berlin nightclubs, most recently during PopKomm 2008. “Of course, I’d like to get my music out into the world, and I am focusing right now on Germany and the UK,” says Sheridan, who is releasing his music on his own label, in collaboration with the Scandinavian distributors Playground Music.


Electronic boom: long live diversity!
Mike Sheridan and Trentemøller are just two examples of the qualitative boom in the Danish electronic scene. Among those making the biggest splash in 2008 are the duo Lulu Rouge, also known as DJ Buda and T.O.M. These two gents have long  been part of the Copenhagen club scene, as both DJs and  producers. Their CV includes single tracks and remixes for the likes of Telepopmusic, Kasper Bjørke, Tina Dickow, Filur, Djosos Krost, Morten Varano, Luke, Booty Cologne, Nephew, Laid Back, Veto and People  Press Play. Their debut album, “Bless You”, on the label Music for Dreams, has attracted enormous attention from  large parts of Europe.


]Denmark also has a strong tradition of compilations: Stella Polaris (Stella Polaris Music/Playground) has  spent more than a decade as a chillout-event-organiser and CD publisher; VUF Records releases free download compilations via; and the Luftkastellet albums (Music for Dreams) profiled  Danish artists on an  international stage. Most recently, the radio DJs Le Gammeltoft and Keld Tolstrup released the club compilation “The Sound of Copenhagen” on Copenhagen Records. To mark its second anniversary, Elektroniske Tirsdage (Electronic Tuesdays) will release a double compilation albums  designed to convey the breadth and the depth of the Danish scene.

Text: Thomas Borre
Photography: RAW Format


Ida Corr Interview from MIDEM in Cannes

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Ida Corr -- From Boom Boom Magazine #03 -- January 2009

Ida Corr -- From Boom Boom Magazine #03 -- January 2009

As previously announced Ida Corr did a live performance at the Danish Showcase Night during year’s MIDEM festival in Cannes.  FG DJ radio also did an interview with Ida Corr. The interview can be downloaded from’s media section.


Dúné: School’s out forever!

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Dúné struck a delicate balance between homework and an international breakthrough.  Call them  Denmark’s youngest veterans.


Even though the seven members of Dúné are only about 20, they’ve been playing together for eight years. “When we were 12–14 we were already known as a bunch of little psycho kids who’d go totally amok on stage,” says singer Mattias Kolstrup. “We weren’t as good then as we are now, so that wildness probably paved the way for us. We still put on a high-octane live show  though. It’s become part of our image, and something our core audience expects. Personally, I get bored quickly when I go to gigs where not enough is happening. That’s why I’ve got such great respect for  people like Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop or Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs, who crawl around on monitors and ledges and are completely unruly.


The record went gold in Denmark and sold 10,000 copies in Germany.  Dúné were honoured with a European Border Breakers Award in 2008, which sums up exactly what they’re trying to achieve: reaching beyond the boundaries of their home country. “That prize really meant a lot to us,” Kolstrup says. “We were spotted by Dreamusic, who’re now releasing our debut in Japan. They’ve given us a lucrative deal and are making our music their top priority, so we hope to make it on the Japanese market.” Huge rock-star sums may not be flooding into their bank accounts just yet, but right now the group are happy to have the time to concentrate 100% on the music.  Rock student “Hey, I was able to afford an HDTV and a PlayStation 3!” the singer smiles. “We’ve just finished high school and all did well – or, the very least, we weren’t among the worst. Now, at last, we can focus all our attention on writing songs for the new album, which’ll hopefully be out in spring 2009. There’ll be no more worrying about homework when we’re out on the road either.”


Third time lucky [– Zähringer’s perspective]

“We try to launch all of our names abroad,” says Zähringer [of Iceberg records]. “We’re not just focused on the Danish  market. It can take an incredibly long time to build a band up, so we prefer to work with bands who like to play live. The Blue Van are a prime example. We expect their third album to be a sales success. Over the years, I’ve spent millions of kroner building up an international network, and that investment is now paying off. One of the big Indian music magazines is a good example of a useful contact. The editor-in-chief has invited me to a press conference in Mumbai to introduce three of our acts. In India you can’t sell CDs – it’s like in Russia and China, they all get pirated – but there’s a lot of money to be made from concerts there. After that presentation, my ‘world tour’ will take me to Japan, Korea, Taiwan,Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto.”

Read the full article here — Boom Boom Magazine #03.

Text: Anders Houmøller Thomsen
Photography: Raw Format

Danish showcase night at MIDEM — Ida Corr, Camille Jones, Kenneth Bager, Mike Sheridan playing at Midem in Cannes

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After previous campaigns for Danish rock music, focus is now put on the Danish dance and electronica scene. This comes to show when DDME – Danish Dance Music Export presents Ida Corr and Camille Jones live in concert with DJ sets by Kenneth Bager, Rune RK, The Montanas (aka Morjac and Michael Parsberg), and Mike Sheridan at MIDEM in Cannes.

Read more here — Danish showcase night at MIDEM

Text: Henrik Friis, MXD


Danish Presence at MIDEM 2009

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The following people will be present at this year’s MIDEM festival in Cannes.

  1. Ambia Music ApS – Henning Schädler
  2. BandBase – Mads Just-Olesen
  3. BandBase – Doug Griffiths
  4. Big Star Records – Oliver Zähringer
  5. Black Pelican – Jakob Deichmann
  6. BM Music ApS – Bo Møller
  7. Bonnier Amigo Music – Cai Leitner
  8. Bonnier Amigo Music – Thomas Degn
  9. BRO Recordings – Christian Brorsen
  10. Cope Records/Calibrated Music – Peter W Kehl  
  11. Cowbell Music – Jacob Kabel
  12. Dacapo Records – Henrik Rørdam
  13. Dacapo Records – Kristian Lønsted
  14. Danacord – Jesper Buhl
  15. Danacord – Kim Jensen
  16. Danish Dance Music Export – Oliver Zähringer
  17. Danish Musicians’ Union – Mikael Højris
  18. Davs Musik – Kurt Andreasen
  19. Dicentia A/S – Michael Schäbethal Jensen
  20. Dicentia A/S – Michael Persson
  21. disco:wax – Morten Vilhem
  22. DJBFA – Pia Raug
  23. DJBFA – Jens Lysdal
  24. DUP – Nicolaj Hyltén-Cavallius
  25. Edition Wilhelm Hansen – Louise-Marie Törnqvist
  26. Edition Wilhelm Hansen – Claus Kilpatrick  
  27. EMI Music Publishing Denmark – Ole Dreyer Wogensen
  28. Dansk Artist Forbund – Neel Lykkegaard Andersen
  29. Dansk Artist Forbund – Thomas Søemod
  30. Fjellund – Simion Fjeldsted
  31. Fjellund – Christian Lund
  32. Gateway Music – Mette Ellebye-Larsen
  33. Good Songs Publishing – Magnus Österwall
  34. Gramex – Peter Zeuthen
  35. Hithouse-Production A/S – Stefan Fryland
  36. Hithouse-Production A/S – Hans Erik Nielsen
  37. House of Scandinavia ApS – Ejvin Schytte
  38. Iceberg Records A/S & Iceberg Publishing A/S – Manfred Zähringer
  39. Iceberg Records A/S & Iceberg Publishing A/S – Mette Wiene Zähringer
  40. IFPI Denmark – Jesper Bay  
  41. Jazz Danmark – Jacob Haagendal Nielsen
  42. Jazz Danmark – Kåre Emtoft
  43. Johan Schlüter Advokatfirma – Maria Fredenslund
  44. Kick Music – Michael Quvang
  45. KODA – Trine Nielsen
  46. KODA – Martin Gormsen
  47. KODA – Jakob Hüttel
  48. Kuanhsi Consulting – Niels Boe Sørensen
  49. Lifted House – Meedom
  50. Lifted House – Rosén
  51. Mis.Label ApS – Lars Verhof
  52. MXD – Thomas Rohde
  53. MXD – Søren Krogh Thompson
  54. MXD – Christian Hald Buhl
  55. MXD – Lars Skovgaard
  56. NCB – Martin Westermann
  57. NCB – Karsten Dyhrberg Nielsen
  58. NCB – Lars Hey
  59. NCB – Henning Jacobsen
  60. Nordicx A/S – Bjarne Albrektsen
  61. Nordicx A/S – Peter Skak
  62. OH Musik ApS – Ole Hoeglund
  63. OUR Recordings – Lars Hannibal
  64. PH Distribution – Poul Erik Skindballe
  65. PromoXon – Bo Johansen
  66. Replicateur A/S – Christian Boie Claussen
  67. RMC – Thomas Borre
  68. Roskilde Festival – Rikke Øxner
  69. ROSA – Gunnar K. Madsen
  70. Scanbox Entertainment Denmark A/S – Thomas Dyring
  71. Scanbox Entertainment Denmark A/S – Frank Lykke
  72. Slow Shark Records – Jon Madsen
  73. SonicMusic – James Thomas
  74. SonicMusic – Anne Horlyck
  75. Storyville Records – Mona Granager
  76. Storyville Records – Anders Stefansen
  77. Sundance Music / Publishing – Peter Littauer
  78. Sunshine Music Publishing – Michael Hammerlund
  79. Syntonetic Media Solutions – Mikael Henderson
  80. Syntonetic Media Solutions – Peter Berg Steffensen
  81. TESO – Jean Louis Cornu
  82. TG Management ApS – John Aagaard
  83. TG Management ApS – Lotte Aagaard
  84. TUTL – Kristian Blak  
  85. Upright Music ApS – Jeppe Kaltoft
  86. Upright Music ApS – Diddan Degn Karstensen
  87. Voices Music & Entertainment Denmark – Tom Jensen
  88. Voices Music & Entertainment Denmark – Allan Skov
  89. Warner/Chappell – Lars Sjelle
  90. Your Favourite Records – Lars Winther

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Ida Corr Live at MIDEM on French Radio Tomorrow

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Ida Corr will go live on French Radio (FG DJ Radio) at MIDEM on Monday at 6 p.m.


More information about the radio show. Live version of the radio show featuring Ida Corr.

Thanks to Stefan Goetz of for providing us with this information.