Dúné: School’s out forever!

Dúné struck a delicate balance between homework and an international breakthrough.  Call them  Denmark’s youngest veterans.


Even though the seven members of Dúné are only about 20, they’ve been playing together for eight years. “When we were 12–14 we were already known as a bunch of little psycho kids who’d go totally amok on stage,” says singer Mattias Kolstrup. “We weren’t as good then as we are now, so that wildness probably paved the way for us. We still put on a high-octane live show  though. It’s become part of our image, and something our core audience expects. Personally, I get bored quickly when I go to gigs where not enough is happening. That’s why I’ve got such great respect for  people like Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop or Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs, who crawl around on monitors and ledges and are completely unruly.


The record went gold in Denmark and sold 10,000 copies in Germany.  Dúné were honoured with a European Border Breakers Award in 2008, which sums up exactly what they’re trying to achieve: reaching beyond the boundaries of their home country. “That prize really meant a lot to us,” Kolstrup says. “We were spotted by Dreamusic, who’re now releasing our debut in Japan. They’ve given us a lucrative deal and are making our music their top priority, so we hope to make it on the Japanese market.” Huge rock-star sums may not be flooding into their bank accounts just yet, but right now the group are happy to have the time to concentrate 100% on the music.  Rock student “Hey, I was able to afford an HDTV and a PlayStation 3!” the singer smiles. “We’ve just finished high school and all did well – or, the very least, we weren’t among the worst. Now, at last, we can focus all our attention on writing songs for the new album, which’ll hopefully be out in spring 2009. There’ll be no more worrying about homework when we’re out on the road either.”


Third time lucky [– Zähringer’s perspective]

“We try to launch all of our names abroad,” says Zähringer [of Iceberg records]. “We’re not just focused on the Danish  market. It can take an incredibly long time to build a band up, so we prefer to work with bands who like to play live. The Blue Van are a prime example. We expect their third album to be a sales success. Over the years, I’ve spent millions of kroner building up an international network, and that investment is now paying off. One of the big Indian music magazines is a good example of a useful contact. The editor-in-chief has invited me to a press conference in Mumbai to introduce three of our acts. In India you can’t sell CDs – it’s like in Russia and China, they all get pirated – but there’s a lot of money to be made from concerts there. After that presentation, my ‘world tour’ will take me to Japan, Korea, Taiwan,Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto.”

Read the full article here — Boom Boom Magazine #03.

Text: Anders Houmøller Thomsen
Photography: Raw Format


8 Responses to “Dúné: School’s out forever!”

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  5. jessica Says:

    Dúné is a very good band!!(L)
    I love it!

    i’ve see them at conincx pop!!


  6. Dúné is a very good band!!(L)
    I love it!!

    i’ve see them at conincx pop in the Netherlands!!

    xx jessica

  7. Chris Freeman Says:

    Just got back from Faroe Islands, saw Dune live, enjoyed every minute. Hope they come to UK soon.

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