Ida Corr — Dancing Queen

Danish soul diva Ida Corr looks and sounds like a world-class artist. She’s already had an international smash hit with the electrohouse single “Let Me Think About It”, thanks to a Dutch remixer and lots of hard work – oh, and a little luck too.

Ida Corr -- From Boom Boom Magazine #03 -- January 2009

Ida Corr -- From Boom Boom Magazine #03 -- January 2009


Even though she’s now fully aware of her success, Corr has no time for performance anxiety. She has toured tirelessly, primarily in Europe, where “Let Me Think About It” never fails to get clubs partying like it’s 2099. The singer has also taken her first careful step into the legendarily daunting American market with the double album “One”, which comprises a collection of the best tunes from her first two albums and a disc of remixes. “I’ll soon be doing some radio promotion work, but otherwise I don’t really know how it’s going. It’s my dream to make it in the USA, but of course it’s a really difficult market to break into. I have a lot of classic soul in my sound, so it’ll be exciting to see if it goes down well. It’s all about knowing the right people, so I’ll need to try and build up a network over there,” she reckons.

In Danish — læs mere om Ida Corr.


The Destiny’s Child classics “Survivor” and “Independent Women” could have been about Corr, who is very much self-made. Brought up as a musician, she writes most of her music and lyrics herself. Nor does the music slavishly follow current R&B trends. It’s raw, personal, fun and piquant. “I’ve been riding all night / I’m a country girl / fits the saddle just right / Yee-ha! / There just ain’t no cowboy who can’t be my boy toy,” she sings in the cheeky “Country Girl”.


It’s no longer a man’s, man’s, man’s world, and mama’s got a brand new Gucci bag. Soul diva Ida Corr’s export adventure has only just begun.

Text: Anders Houmøller Thomsen
Photography: Raw Format



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