The Danish Music Revolution

Legally download millions of tracks when you sign up for our telecoms package! That was the offer put to Danish consumers when TDC  [Denmark’s largest telephone operator] launched its pioneering PLAY agreement in April 2008. It sounded almost too good to be true, but the deal was 100% genuine. The future has arrived, and it will benefit musicians, labels, ISPs and consumers alike.



TDC’s customers threw themselves into the new offer with great enthusiasm. The sensational statistics from PLAY’s first month showed that TDC customers downloaded some 1.4 million singles and approx. 440,000 albums. “ By comparison, in a typical month some 800,000 albums and singles are sold in Danish shops and online,” states a satisfied Søren Tvilsted, head of TDC Music. “So PLAY supplies more than double the amount of music of all the other Danish providers combined.”


Sinking the pirates
Danish consumers have shown a broad interest in both new and old music, but have a clear preference for home-grown artists – six out of ten albums downloaded in PLAY’s first period were Danish.


Martin Gormsen, assistant managing director of KODA, explains. “Up until now, the perception has been that the internet was synonymous with falling income for musicians. The PLAY agreement helps redress the balance. However, it’s still wise to be cautious, because there are many conflicting trends and it’s difficult to say for sure which one will win the day. If the rights organisations and the record companies don’t change fundamentally over the next few years, if they don’t develop new ways of getting music out and new ways of working together, then the going
may get tough. We ourselves think that we are making solid progress, but there’s still a long way to go.”


Many players in the Danish music industry believe that the PLAY deal is one of the best pieces of news for many years. “Sony sees PLAY as a fantastic initiative for music fans, artists and record companies,” says Henrik Daldorph, director of Sony Music in Denmark and chair of IFPI.  “PLAY will help to strengthen digital music distribution and ensure that Denmark is at the forefront of the new music market.”

Read the full version of ‘The Danish Music Revolution’ in Boom Boom Magazine #03.

Text: Anders Houmøller Thomsen
Illustration: Paul Wilson/Yellow 1


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