Press Release — Boom Boom Magazine #03 — 2009


The latest edition of the international magazine about Danish music and the Danish music scene has just hit the street – with feature articles on and sampler tracks by successful Danish artists such as Ida Corr, Aura and Alphabeat.

Aura Dione -- Fra forsiden af musikmagasinet Boom Boom, udgivet af DUP, IFPI og MXD

Boom Boom Magazine publishers DUP, Danish Independent Record Labels, MXD, Music Export Denmark, and IFPI Denmark are looking forward to present this year’s magazine at MIDEM09 in Cannes. Think of the magazine as an annual introduction to the Danish scene, directed at music enthusiasts all over the world.

Thus, a united Danish record industry is proud to present the cream of the crop of Danish artists with marked international success – Aura, Ida Corr, Mike Sheridan, Volbeat, Dúné, a Kid Hereafter & Alphabeat.

Free music and tapwater
Boom Boom Magazine also sheds light on one of the music industry’s greatest challenges, namely digital distribution possibilities and addresses the key question – should music be free? Free in the same way as tap water, which isn’t really free anyway. The general attitude in some teenage groups is that music is downloadable and for free. They’re confident that musicians earn heaps of money and if they don’t, they should consider other career options. Regardless if one agrees or disagrees with such statements, it’s the name of the game for record labels. On a positive note, IFPI Denmark has just published a survey showing that online music sales doubled in 2008.


In the magazine’s editorial, General Manager of Playground Music and IFPI Denmark board member, Søren Krogh Thompson, speculates whether we will see a new value estimation and prizing of music resembling the significant price differentiations we’ve seen in relation to drinking water during the last couple of years.

One thing remains certain, the future of music remains unwritten… And that’s part of the charm!

BOOM BOOM #03 is freely available at

For additional information and press material, please contact
Nicolaj Hyltén-Cavallius
Chairman, DUP / cell +45 222-77-921

Boom Boom Magazine #03, Press Release, English, PDF


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